When only the best is good enough



Builders typically select the tradespeople and materials based solely on the big "P", price.  When comparing labor and material bids, the cheapest is their choice.


The Golden Fox Homes standards are based on two other "P's", performance and permanence.


To meet the Golden Fox standards, all labor and material bids are compared using a price versus performance and permanence analytical application.  Here are a few examples:



Other builders, even those pretending to be "luxury" builders, use cabinet kits (think IKEA) straight off the boat from China.  They use laborers to slap them together in the driveway, then hang them in the new home.  Since they are assembled on the driveway in the USA, they advertise them as "manufactured" in USA.


Golden Fox Homes uses only real wood cabinets made in the USA in cabinet factories, and assembled with hydraulic compression squaring machines, with the strength of high-performance adhesives, air-driven extra long staples, and stainless steel screws.  Then, only actual woodworking craftsmen install them in your home.




Florida is in the most densely active designation of subterranean termites in the entire USA.  Building a frame home or a so-called brick home in this area is an invitation to the nightmare of termite infestations.


Also, Florida is well-known for its hurricanes.


For your new home, Golden Fox Homes has chosen the strength and termite-resistance of reinforced concrete block.




Carpeting is the flooring of choice for most builders because it is the cheapest way to cover a floor, other than paint.  Golden Fox Homes will cover the floors of your new home with premium, solid vinyl plank flooring...throughout.  It is pet-friendly, sanitary, water resistant, repairable, and stylish.




While low, 8-foot ceilings may be good enough for mobile homes, apartments, and submarines, only volume ceilings provide the openness, beauty, and elegance expected in the finest homes.  Volume ceilings are standard in Golden Fox Homes, even in the garages.  To add to the beauty, your new home will also feature recessed details in the main living areas.




Notice that we don't quote meaningless clichés like other builders, such as quality, exquisite, best, etc.  We state actual, true, tangible differences...for instance:



Other builders sit in their offices and manage their bank accounts.  They hire a construction superintendent to drive by the job site a few times during construction and check the extent of construction so they can request a progress payment.


At Golden Fox Homes, the builder himself manages the job site on a daily basis.  He directs the tradesmen and inspects each aspect of each segment of work to assure compliance with his standards and his expectations.



As a certified Master carpenter, the builder performs some of the detail and high skill level work himself.  He also supervises enrolled Journeymen craftsmen in their training to become Master carpenters as their careers progress.





Golden Fox Homes is comprised of a team of uniquely talented craftspersons.  Each one qualified as top-tiered in their individual skill set, the give Golden Fox Homes its notable distinction among builders.


Sam Lisowski, the on-site manager of all construction, is legitimately a Master Craftsman, not just figuratively, but literally by way of training as an apprentice, then journeyman, then as a Master Craftsman in his former country, Poland.  With a hard-working Polish work ethic in his DNA, and refined wood craftsman and cabinet maker skills in his hands, he moved to the country he loves in 2001 to begin his career in building. They relocated from New Jersey to Palm Coast in 2005 and began growing the company.  Golden Fox Homes was incorporated shortly thereafter, and in 2012 Golden Fox Home Remodeling was started.


It is noteworthy to add, to his credit he came to the USA the right way, legally.  He mastered the language quickly and became an American citizen in short order.


The team is also fortunate to have Anna Lisowski, Sam's wife, as a successful residential interior designer in her own right.  She earned her Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University, then her Master's from Walden University.  She shares her talent with each new home buyer by helping with their design selections and style and color choices.  Clients appreciate a secure comfort level from her services, knowing their completed home will be personally and tastefully theirs.


Rounding-out the core of the team are decades-long business associates in stone countertops, wood cabinetry, architectural design, flooring and wall tile.